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Why does KESKO invest in hotel and real estate construction?
The choice of these market segments is determined by outstanding deficit of quality supply in the Russian market of hospitality industry as well as business and office centers.
The most acute shortage of modern hotels of international standard is notable in 3 and 4 star categories, which is confirmed by consulting companies and leaders of the hospitality industry. The lack of needed quantity of hotels is evident not only in the regions but also in metropolitan areas. The same is true for business centers. Large cities face the problem of limited choice of modern and well equipped buildings suitable for offices. At the moment construction of A category business centers remains relevant.
What are the advantages of chain hotels over conventional hotels?

There are a few of them. First, chain hotels are distinguished by uniform quality standards for all hotels of the chain, which ensures a certain level of service and comfort at these hotels, regardless of the host country. Second, the vast experience in managing hotels in different countries gives chain hotels the opportunity to have the best, qualified and professional staff. Continuous training, refresher courses, mandatory career opportunities - chain hotels operate as precise mechanisms, well coordinated work of which is evident even in the smallest details of service. Third, large international chains offer various loyalty programs, through which a client can get all sorts of discounts and bonuses in other hotels of the operators around the world and even at their partner companies. Those who travel frequently for business often pay special attention to this criterion when choosing a hotel to stay.
Thus, chain hotels are professionals in the field of hospitality.
For more information about the operators KESCO works with please refer to
Brands section.

What is the difference between hotels of the same brand located in different parts of the world?

As we noted above, the standards of hotels operating under one brand are the same, and the main secret of their strength lies in the fact that they are developed by a large group of people who rely on invaluable practical experience of literally global scale. The result of this activity is expressed in instantaneous spreading of good practice across the chain. However, every chain hotel makes an effort to have its own distinction and represent the local flavor. That often concerns the design of public areas - lobbies, bars, restaurants - as well as is reflected in the menu. Sometimes the difference is more significant. For example, Novotel Yekaterinburg Centre hotel was the first in the world to use a completely new concept of room design, so-called Generation Next. The same is true for Ibis St. Petersburg Centre hotel where new interior standards for Ibis hotels were first applied while Ibis Kazan Centre rolled out in the local market with an expanded concept of its restaurant.

Is management company the owner of the hotels it operates?

Not necessarily. The main objective of a management company is an efficient operation of a hotel. This means that the management company does its best to make guests happy and to continually expand customer database as hotel income primarily depends on it. The hotel can be owned by the management company itself or by another company or individual, KESCO in our case.

Do management companies invest in building hotels?

Yes, it is in common practice. However, construction of hotels is an expensive and non-core activity for a management company. Therefore, management companies often look for a co-investor or simply act as a contracted operator of the hotel owned by some investor such as KESCO.

What are the requirements for a project in which KESCO could be a co-investor?

The main requirements are:

  •          Investment object is located in a major regional city;
  •          Great demand for the object in real estate market;
  •          Suitable site – a highly liquid, registered in proper manner, reasonably priced land plot
  •          Good location of the investment object – prestigious area, transport accessibility, proximity to places of demand;
  •          Investment efficiency evidenced by financial estimates;
  •          Project partner – legal entity or an individual having excellent business reputation.
How to become a partner of KESCO? What are the selection criteria?
KESCO is very careful when it comes to selecting a partner. Management company we are ready to work with should be well-known, have a proven professional experience and offer a wide range of brands. Those companies that we are honored to cooperate with at the moment match all these criteria. Please refer to section Partners for more information about them.
Partners in the construction works, supplies and equipment selection are of great importance during construction of hotels and other real estate projects. We are ready to cooperate with companies that have significant experience in supplies or construction, excellent business reputation and required capacity. Please refer to section Tenders for more information about tenders held by KESCO.

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