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Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar ranks first in Overall Breakfast Experience

Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar is glad to share good news with you: following the 2017 results, the hotel ranks first in Overall Breakfast Experience.


Hilton Garden Inn Novorossiysk is ready to receive guests!

We are glad to share good news: Hilton Garden Inn Novorossiysk hotel opened its doors for the guests on March 16, 2018. It has become the first international hotel in Novorossiysk and the third hotel of Hilton Garden Inn for “KESCO” development company.


Anniversary of Ibis Saint-Petersburg Centre Hotel

Ibis Saint-Petersburg Centre Hotel 12 is getting ready to celebrate its tenth anniversary on April 12, 2018! One more prominent event will contribute to the celebrations: anniversary of Ibis brand in Russia, which dates to the opening of Ibis Saint-Petersburg Centre Hotel.


Novocity Multi-functional complex: official presentation

March 1, 2018 marked a memorable event in Novorossiysk – a presentation of Novocity Multifunctional complex to the officials of the city and region administration, and also to the representatives of large and medium size business in Novorossiysk.


Maslenitsa at Novocity Multifunctional complex

Novocity Multifunctional complex sticks to the good old tradition of celebrating Broad Maslenitsa with its tenants and friends: on February 18 the courtyard of the Complex was filled with laughter,  folk songs and surely, the fine smell of freshly-baked pancakes.


Ibis Kazan hosted a Broad Maslenitsa (end of Russian Pancake week)

On February 18 Ibis Kazan hosted a happy and loud celebration of A Broad Maslenitsa with its guests, friends and neighbours.


Beginning of sales at “Parus” block

We are glad to announce a long-awaited event: the sales of apartments have been launched at “Parus” block of “Novocity” multi-functional complex!


Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar was awarded “Travellers’ Choice 2018”

Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar has been awarded the most honorable “Travellers’ Choice” by TripAdvisor!


Shooting of “Under Voltage” TV series at multifunctional complex “Novocity”

Multifunctional complex “Novocity” is again in the middle of the action - Novorossiysk hosts the shooting of crime series, with “Bashnya” apartment house being one of the locations.


Meet-the-artist-session with Anatoly Gushin, film and theatre actor, at multi-functional complex “Novocity”

On December 8 the residents and guests of multi-functional complex Novocity enjoyed а nice surprise: an off-beat event, a remarkable meeting with Anatoly Gushin, a charismatic film and theatre actor.