About Company


KESCO is a team of like-minded professionals united by common goals and objectives and having their own traditions and in-house culture. Our company is focused on a long-term relationship with every person taken in our team. The main criterion for prospective employees is efficient work, considering the interests and objectives of the company as their own and motivation for personal growth.

KESCO employees should understand that they form reality in which they live and work. The company hires people who can point out the essence and prioritize their work, who have healthy ambitions, think outside the box and are experts in their profession. Our company respects individuality of each employee and encourages initiative, directing and supporting their creativity.

Should you be interested in working for KESCO, please send your resume to the following email address
info@kesco.ru. A company representative will contact you if there are vacancies matching your professional level. Your resume will be reviewed even if the vacancy you are interested in is not published. You may well be the expert we are looking for today or will seek tomorrow.